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Rampi Rampi - Ableton Live Pack

Rampi Rampi, also called Cadirimin Ustune, is an old folk song that is played both by greek as well as turkish musicians and often its origin is considered to belong to the gypsy repertoire. It is set up in a typical 9/8 rhythm which can be found around the balkans (Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, etc.) as well as Turkey. Especially in Turkey many variations of this rhythm can be found. Its building blocks consist of 3 units of 2 and one unit of 3 which makes 2+2+2+3. The accompanying guitar plays on the first beat of the second unit and the second beat of the last 3 beat unit. This song is composed in the phrygian dominant scale which is quite common in the muic of the balkans as well as Turkey. The oud follows the melody that is normally the vocal line. 

Enjoy antoher pulsing Ableton Live Pack which will bring special groove to your productions. 






1 Darabukka Loop

1 Drum Loop

2 Oud Loop

3 Base Loopa

3 Guitar Loops

3 Riq + Cymbal Loops