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Chuperlika - Ableton Live Pack

The Chuperlika Sound Pack from Cellula Soundbase consists of 8 recorded Audio Loops, as well as Midi Files which will bring new rhythms into your music production. As we enter the world of the seven beat cycles we will find that even trained musicians often will have difficulty to get into the feel of this rhythm. Apart from jazz music western popular music will play mostly in 3, 4, 6 or 8 beats. But looking into the realm of eastern music we will find a great variety of music playing in seven beats. The Chuperlika is originally a traditional Macedonian dance in 7/8 rythm, for violin, accordion, guitar and bass. We found that is working very well with dance style drum patterns, Oud and of course Framedrum, so we put together another lovely Ableton Pack for you which might be full of sonic possibilities for your productions.







2 Drum Loops

1 Framedrum Loop

1 Base Loop

2 Oud Loops

2 Guitar Loops

1 Key Loop